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PulseStar™ Lighting
PulseStar™ Lighting
What is PulseStar™?
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PulseStar™ Lighting, Flexible Lighting Control

40% to 80% lower energy costs than HIDs
Amazingly fast and low cost installation
Instant wireless and battery less control of any fixture or group of fixtures
Multiple brightness levels
Excellent light quality and accurate color rendition
Technology that qualifies for EPAct 2005 tax deductions and other incentive programs
Elegant solutions to achieve both substantial cost savings & compliance with Green initiatives
We’re Thoroughly Green

Our systems save so much energy that each PulseStar™
installation prevents the generation of tons of greenhouse
gases each year – the emissions that would have been
created in the generation of the electricity that we don’t need.
We also recycle the old system (the fixtures, wires, lamps,
etc. that we remove) and we even recycle our shipping
materials. Our lamps are so safe that they require no
special disposal.

PulseStar™ Lighting Ph: 1-800-PULSESTAR  (1-800-785-7378)  Email: Sales@PulseStarLighting.com
427 West 35th Street, Norfolk, VA 23508 USA  |  Ph: (757) 624-2134
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